Important News:

All Orchestra Day and All Band Day T-Shirts - Due 2/1 - CLICK HERE

Permission Slips and Forms for Upcoming Band and Orchestra Trips:

February 15th, 2024 - ALL ORCHESTRA DAY - 1PM-4PM (parent pickup at LMHS)

Participating groups: 4th and 5th Grade Orchestra (violin, viola, cello, bass)

March 6th, 2024 - Philadelphia Orchestra Concert - 9:15AM-1PM

Participating groups: All 5th Grade Band and Orchestra Students 

March 7th, 2024 - ALL BAND DAY -  1PM-4PM (parent pickup at LMHS)

Participating groups: 4th/5th Grade Band (flute, clar., sax, trumpet, t-bone, bar., drums)

Morning Rehearsal Schedule is available HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my lesson?

Lesson take place during the school day (not before school) and alternate between each grade level's WIN period and another time throughout the day. Mr. DeGeorge will pick students up from the classroom at their special lesson time. Please review your child's lesson day based on the instrument they play. Schedules will be posted in Google Classroom for students to access.

What do I bring for my lesson?

Students must bring their instrument, music binder/folder, and lesson book for each lesson. Supplies are listed here

Cello, bass, and percussion students do not need to bring instruments each week. They will be assigned a school owned instrument to use during lessons. Rented instruments will remain at home for individual practice and should only come back to school to be tuned or serviced.

When are before school rehearsals?

Before school rehearsals start in October for 4th and 5th Grade Orchestra and 5th Grade Band only. Rehearsals begin at 8:10AM. A complete schedule is available here:

3rd Grade Orchestra  and 4th Grade Band will not have before school rehearsals until the spring semester. 

What supplies do I need?

A complete supply list for each instrument is available here:

What instruments can I play?

📅 Lesson Schedule 📅

5 Day Music Lesson Schedule 2023-24

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Questions? Please contact Mr. Glen DeGeorge, K-12 Music Department Chair & Instrumental Music Director (Grades 3-5)