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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I RENT or BUY an instrument?

Most students rent instruments because it provides a quality instrument at a fraction of the purchase price. If you rent through Zeswitz your rental payments build credit towards future purchase of any future instrument, regardless of whether you switch instruments or not. You simply need to maintain your rental from year to year to maintain your rental credit.

If you are interested in purchasing an instrument right away, DO NOT BUY ONE FROM AMAZON! The instruments on Amazon (e.g., Mendini or Glory) are not made with quality materials and often break prematurely. If you are interested in renting, please consult our buying guide or email Mr. DeGeorge.

I am a current student. What do I do with my instrument at the end of the year?

If you are playing the same instrument next year, please keep your instrument throughout the summer! This has a few benefits:

    • You have the instrument to practice over the summer to stay in “musical shape!”
    • You will be ready to play in September and won’t have to wait for your instrument to be delivered!
    • Your monthly rental payments accrue rental credit that go towards the ownership of the instrument. Closing your account in June eliminates the credit you have built and you will start over in September.

If you are playing a NEW instrument next year, please return your instrument to Pine Road by June 14th:(example: 3rd grade violin player switching to trumpet in 4th grade)

    • By returning your current rental, you will close your existing account and start a new rental period in September.
    • We recommend following this process so that you do not pay throughout the summer for an instrument that your child will not now how to play.
    • However, if you would like to continue monthly payments throughout the summer on your new instrument you are welcome to exchanging your existing rental for the new instrument and continue paying over the summer.

When I go to rent my instrument, do I need a lesson book too?