5th Gr. Band Rehearsal

Fridays 7:50AM-8:50AM

New Band Lesson Books

Measures of Success Book 1 for Band

Lesson Book Practice Tracks:

Don't forget to play along with the CD/mp3 tracks included with your lesson book!

Helpful Band Videos


1. Making Sound

2. Putting Flute Together

3. Holding Flute

4. How to not DROP your flute (i.e., balance points)


1. Mouthpiece, Barrel, and Reed

2. Making a Sound

3. Putting Clarinet Together

4. Holding Clarinet

Alto Saxophone:

1. Mouthpiece, Reed, and Neck

2. Putting Saxophone Together

3. How to Hold Saxophone

4. HELP! My notes don't sound right...

Brass Players (Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone)

Setting Band Face for ALL Brass Instruments

Oiling Valves for Trumpet and Baritone

Breathing Gym

Using Air for All Wind Instruments

Putting Trumpet Together

Holding Your Trumpet

Putting French Horn Together

Holding French Horn

Putting Trombone Together

Holding Your Trombone

Putting Baritone Together

Holding Your Baritone

Make sure to check out Dr. Selfridge's YouTube Channel for more fun tips and tricks...